Smt. C.Z.M. Gosrani BCA College

Smt C.Z.M. Gosrani BCA College was set up with the point of giving quality advanced education in field of computers comparable to global norms. It diligently looks for and embraces imaginative techniques to improve the nature of advanced education on a predictable premise. The campus has a healthy atmosphere with students from all edges of the country. Experienced and learned educators are emphatically urged to support the students.

The worldwide guidelines set at CZMG in the field of teaching spur us on in our relentless pursuit of fact, it has become a lifestyle for us. The profoundly energetic youths on the campus are a consistent wellspring of pride.

Oshwal Education Trust

A Charitable trust 'Oshwal Education Trust' was established and formally registered on 14th January 1986. It has been the 'Brainchild' of Shri Ramniklal K. Shah, Managing Trustee, under whose capable initiative the trust has developed into a total educational hub fulfilling all educational needs. His untiring energy has been instrumental in beginning different institutes in a steady progression, all being overseen appropriately by a group of devoted trustees.

In 1995, Shri BipinChandra T. Vadhar, with his rich experience as an administrator and as a management expert, took over the reins of the trust as the “Director of Higher Education”.

He worked ardently, to set up an English medium college to be specific Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani Commerce (Eng. Medium and Shri Dharamshi Devraj Nagda B.B.A. School (1998). He has been exceptionally instrumental in making Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies and Shri Bipin T. Vadhar College of Management (2000-01) and Smt. Chandramaniben Zaverchand Meghji Gosrani B.C.A. School (2002-03), a reality. In course of time OET made a few new pursuits, for example, Shri Lakhamshi Govindji Haria P. G. D. C. A. School (2005-06), Shri Keshavji Bharmal Sumaria M.C.A. School (2008-09), GHG-DDN oversaw - PG College of Commerce GHG - DDN oversaw - ICSI Study Center (2016-17), Smt. Manjulaben Keshavji Meghji Gosrani LL.B. School (2019-20).

Shri L.G. Haria School logo
Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB)

  • Haria Kidland Park
  • Smt. P. L. Haria Pre-Primary School
  • Shri L. G. Haria Primary School
  • Shri L. G. Haria High School

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shri G.H.G. Commerce college logo and Shri D.D. Nagda BBA college logo
Saurashtra University Afilated Commerse, Management and Law Colleges

  • Shri G.H. Gosrani Commerce College
  • Shri GHG DDN Managed-PG College of Commerce
  • Shri D.D. Nagda BBA College
  • Smt Manjulaben Keshavji Meghji Gosrani LL.B. College
  • Shri GHG DDN Managed-ICSI Study Centre

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Smt C.Z.M. Gosrani BCA college logo
Saurashtra University Afilated Computer Science Colleges

  • Smt C.Z.M. Gosrani BCA / M.Sc. (IT & CA) College

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Gujarat Technical University Afilated Management Colleges

  • Shri JVIMS-IMBA College
  • Shri JVIMS-BTV-MBA College

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Oshwal Education Trust logo
Gujarat Technical University Afilated Computer Science Colleges

  • Shri JVIMS-KBS-MCA College

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Other Colleges Managed by OET

  • Haria Institute of Spoken English
  • Oshwal Knowledge Academy
  • Leelavati Nature cure & Yoga Research Center

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