Alumni's Testimonials

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" Stronger the Base, stronger the Cliff, this proverb proven right by Smt. CZMG BCA College and i feel really honoured to complete my graduation for me but also a life changing experience where i got platform to excel in all field apart from academics. Our management and faculties have the knack to extract Diamond from Coal and it is due to the concern. "

Toofan Roy

BCA 2012-15

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" I will always be thankful to the Smt. CZMG BCA College for the overall development of my life. This college tought me a lot weather it academics of beyond the studies. At present I am serving in Indian Airforce in flying branch as a flight lieutenant. I will never forgot the role of this college in my life. "


BCA 2010-13

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" The 3 years of my college life gave me the indomitable spitit to succeed in every field of my life. It is here that I learnt how lernings can be fun. My college turned the best platform to showcase the talents I already had and even helped me to develop many new skills. My college played major role to making me the person I am today and for the acheivements I achieved. "

Ishita Kanani

BCA 2012-15

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" Thinking about college making curve on my face every time. The best three years of my lifee full of growth, excitement, responcibilities and the most amazing person I could ever asked for. The three years of loving literature, friends, faculties, outdoors and my part time Graphic Designer job specially for college before turning a graduate gemologist, the best platform for my computer bachelor degree is provided by our college. "

Bhrugu Soni

BCA 2012-15

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" You have brain in your head, You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself clear in any direction you choose. You are on your own and you know what you know, and you are the one who will decide where to go. This is what i have learnt from my college. Be it sports or studies or culture activities CZMG and its staff has always tought us to be independent and achieve great milestones in life. And for that I thank them with all my heart. "

Binoy Kanani

BCA 2009-12

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" I was student of Smt. CZMG BCA College and that was a golden phrase of my life. The opportunity which I gain to learn all those Add-On courses, that is very helpful for me and make my carrier as designer. At present I am working with Raj Designs Jamnagar. This college provided me the growth not only in my academics carrier but also my over all development. "

Dharam Bheda

BCA 2012-15