From the Desk of Trustees

Chairman of Oshwal Education Trust Shri Kantilal Haria

Shri Kantilal L. Haria
Chairman - OET

Managing Trustee of Oshwal Education Trust Shri Ramniklal K. Shah

Shri Ramniklal K. Shah
Managing Trustee

Trustee and Hon. Secretary of Oshwal Education Trust Shri.Chandulal R. Shah

Shri.Chandulal R. Shah
Trustee and Hon. Secretary

Trustee and Chairmen of Higher Education and Hon. Secretary

Shri Keshubhai Gosrani
Trustee & Chairman of
Higher Education

We're very happy to welcome you to our CZMG campus, that's unbeatable in many areas. The maximum top notch feature is the wireless enabled campus, coupled with dedicated faculties – the pleasure of this academic hub. Some of the various facilities presented by means of us are, comfy classrooms, a massive library, a conference hall nicely equipped pc labs, a health club and a canteen that caters to culinary delights. We're confident that nicely taught college students of this institute will meet the challenges and expectations of this dynamic business global and show to be precious belongings to the organizations they serve and could shine out in the professions they pursue. We want that you be a part of our institution.

Board of Trustees

Shri Kantilal L.Haria - Chairman
Shri Ramnikbhai K. Shah - Managing Trustee
Shri Chandulal R. Shah - Trustee & Hon. Secretary
Shri Mohanlal Gosar Gosrani – Trustee
Shri Jayntilal L. Haria - Trustee
Shri Shantilal D. Nagda - Trustee
Shri Keshavji Meghji Gosrani - Trustee & Chairman of Committee for Higher Education
Shri Manishbhai K. Haria - Trustee
Shri Bhartesh K Shah - Trustee
Smt. Alkaben J. Maru - Trustee
Shri Rameshbhai K. Shah - Trustee

Management Committee for Higher Education

Shri Keshavji M. Gosrani – Chairman & Trustee
Shri Ramnikbhai K. Shah – Ex Officio, Managing Trustee
Shri Chandulal R. Shah – Ex.-Officio, Trustee & Hon. Secretary
Shri Bhipinbhai T. Vadhar – Director of Higher Education
Shri Rasiklal C. Shah – Member
Shri Bhartesh K Shah – Member, Trustee
Shri Sonil R. Shah – Member
Shri Milan C. Shah – Member
Shri Bhipinbhai Jhaveri – Member
Shri Ashokbhai Shah – Member
Smt. Snehal Kotak Palan – Ex Officio, Campus Director, OET Managed Colleges
Dr. Ajay D. Shah – Ex Officio, Director, JVIMS MBA College
Smt. Hetal G. Savla – Ex Officio, Principal, Smt. C.Z.M. Gosrani BCA College