Alumni Message



Our Notable Alumni

"Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni."- N. R. Narayana Murthy

Alumni are the brand-diplomats of the organization they moved on from. With a graduated class base of in excess of 2,000 of our alumni spread worldwide, it is our consistent efforts to join and collaborate with our alumni. With a lot of our alumni ending up being, venture pioneers showing up at extra heights consistently, and setting benchmarks for ongoing age. We take pride of them and cheer their triumphs.

We invite our alumni into practically every leisure activity we do at CZMG. From inviting them as guest speakers to share their to share their knowledge & experience with students, as jury members for various events & competitions, as vital Guest & Keynote speakers for symposiums, to guide our students, etc.

Our alumni continually come back to the institution to make a contribution in diverse approaches. They often guide the contemporary students and share their experiences within the academics by means of orienting and coaching them, cultural and sports events (via education them for his or her performances), or even employment (by way of education them for their recruitment in company world or making them privy to the career options in their very own area).