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Welcome Freshers

First day of college is definitely a day in which a lot of things changes in student life as he/she goes through a bunch of changes in the environment, sees new people around them, make new friends, new buildings, new faculties and most important a change of perspective in life. There is a very famous saying that “Well Begun is Half done”. This means that a good and positive beginning is the most important part before starting any work. This holds true even when we start a new chapter in our life that is of College. You've tried sincerely and thought beyond practical boundaries to get to your first day in college, and it's since you become a planner for your all-consuming purpose. It's an advantage to offer them their praise and watch their plan and fabricate their own special show-stopper. It's our desire that you don't discover anything however significant as you open up your first day of college. Have a good time, snicker, and grin in every second, except remember to watch out for the prize under everything – your future! Your first day of college has given you a fresh out-of-the-box new part to write in your book of life. May your pen be full, your paper is solid, and your hand is consistent. Welcome to OET & CZMG Family.

Monday, 08 February 2021

Group Photo

This photo was taken when all the students were sitting in the auditorium hall and following SOP of Covid-19.

Monday, 08 February 2021

Principal Speech

A speech was given by Principal and congratulated the students on starting a new journey of college life.

Saturday, 08 February 2025

Welcoming Students

Students were welcomed by Seniors and given welcome kit